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My work, whether it be via my other page, or new stuff. All hand-crafted by yours truly!


Some things favorited from my other page, other things are random props and ideas that I found were very well done throughout DA. Enjoy!



Talyn, Leviathan Gunship by Ichimuune
Talyn, Leviathan Gunship
Talyn, son of Moya and genetic experiment of the Peacekeepers. Don't piss him off, you'll find yourself on the wrong end of his Sonic Ascendancy Cannon.

Series: Farscape

Photo credit to Wells Photography.
Moya and Talyn - Farscape Cosplay by Ichimuune
Moya and Talyn - Farscape Cosplay
Leviathan cosplays that I never actually put up here. I kinda fell off the face of DA for a bit XD

This is, as the title says, Moya (gold) and Talyn, Moya's son (black and red) from the '99-'03 sci-fi show Farscape. I adore that show so much...I just had to create my two favorite characters! ^_^ They are ships.

Picture credit to Wells Photography.


Talynne Star
Artist | Artisan Crafts
United States
***TLDR: At the bottom. ...however, I recommend learning a bit about me. :3

Hello! My name is Diana. I am a bit of a geek/nerd and I love it. Crafting is something that I adore doing, and as such, I entered the Cosplay scene back around 2005 with a Dartz from Yugioh: Waking the Dragons cosplay and a Kikyo from Inuyasha cosplay. Soon after I fell out of the scene, until recently, in 2013, I made my Ichigo cosplay. I entered it into the SoDak Con (Rapid City, South Dakota) Cosplay Competition under Intermediate and won for that catagory.

The Story of Becoming Master Class Level Cosplay at Competitions

The next convention I went to was a much smaller one in Sioux Falls (also in South Dakota). I made an Attack on Titan cosplay with the Maneuver Gear and entered under Intermediate. I didn't find out until later that I had been bumped up to Master Class. I didn't win in that catagory, however I did win the Master of Ceremonies Award because of my props.

This year, I entered SoDak Con's cosplay competition again with my Athena (Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas) cosplay. I considered Intermediate again, but was playfully yelled at by our wonderful Executive Director and I was put into Master Class. I ended up with the Judge's Choice Award for the entire Competition due to my level of detail on my staff, corset and neckpiece, as well as the attention to detail on the sewing of my dress.

From here on out I can only enter as Master Class at any convention I go to. So, moral of the story? The props you may be considering getting from me is Master Class level. No matter what prop it is, it will be made with care, precision and determination, just like I do with my own cosplays. I want nothing but the best for my stuff, and thus nothing but the best for you.

A Little More About Me.

I have been a member of the DA community for quite some time now under the name DartzoftheOrichalcos. I recently was given the final push to begin crafting cosplay props for commissions when I went to SoDak Con 2013, so I am taking it seriously.

I've recently changed my name from Ichimuune to Sonic Ascendancy Props for my props page, and Starburst Cosplay for my cosplay page. However, I ALSO recently discovered a German-based Starburst Cosplay. I am currently in talks with this person. My own Starburst Cosplay is USA-based, please be aware of that.

Outside of cosplay, crafting and WoW, I currently work as a Housekeeper in the small town that I moved to. I used to work at a call center within GE, troubleshooting GE kitchen and laundry appliances. A small word of advice: Yelling and screaming does not get things done faster. I am sure for both you, and myself, the process is quite simpler and more pleasant when, even if you are frustrated, are a kind and pleasant person to deal with. :3

Aside from all that, I am a very laid-back person with a lot of bottled up skill that I want to share with the world. I hope you enjoy everything that I have!

DISCLAIMER: Once any one of these crafts leaves my hands, I will not be held accountable or liable for any injury sustained in any type of battle or fight, rehearsed or un-rehearsed, or injury due to mis-use of the item. These items are intended for display or non-combative cosplay. I will not be held accountable or liable for loss or theft of the item. I do not suggest using these props in combat. These props are made with a variety of materials, such as wood, insulation foam or craft foam covered in Worbla (A thermoplastic) or solid foam, depending on the complexity of the prop and the size. Wood DOES break when enough pressure is placed upon it, as can thermoplastics (The Worbla has less of a chance of breaking than wood, as it's a bit more flexible). If you choose to use your prop in a combative situation and it breaks, I will not be held accountable or liable.
Your decision to purchase any item from me is an agreement in full to the above stated.

NOTE: Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion and delivery. I have a lot I am working on, and it takes me about a week to complete one, maybe two props currently, depending on how intricate they are. So if you want an item before a con, make sure to plan well in advance. Thankyou! :D

UPDATE: 6/17/2014

Doing a bit of overhauling, as materials have changed, my style has changed, and my skills have improved, thus requiring a few changes.

First, I want to say thankyou to all the people this past year who have commissioned me to make a prop for them. I know in some cases those props were expensive, however they were made with the same care that I would make one of my own props with. Some of my prices have gone up a bit simply because of the new materials I use now. Most of the smaller stuff is still wood, however I have expanded to using Worbla and other similar materials, which cost more, but are highly durable. Worbla (… ) is a thermoplastic that can be molded or shaped into pretty much whatever you need. I have even seen tutorials on casting with it (using clay to form something, then heating Worbla over it and forming it to the clay). Wonderflex is another material I use. Similar to Worbla, only it's a pale blue, almost white color with a mesh fabric on one side. The mesh adds to the stability of the material. I have a preference of Worbla however. It's slightly thicker (that I have found) and you don't need to worry about the mesh when trying to get a smooth surface. Between these thermoplastics I use craft foam for thickness and stability. Great for armor or different props (such as bracers, staffs, crowns, parts of weapons, etc.). You can also wrap Worbla or Wonderflex around shaped pieces of insulation or expanding foam for a lightweight but extremely durable prop or piece of armor, like shoulders. Each time I make something with this, my skill with these thermoplastics improve and I learn new techniques.

My painting techniques have also changed. In researching different styles of paint, one I have found brings out highlights and shadows, and gives the prop a more 3D appearance and more well-used. Battle damage, darkened areas between creases to make it appear older, using white or pearl paints to add highlights to certain areas all brings the objects to life. Because of this new technique, it takes more time to do, but the end result is an amazingly well-thought out prop. Take a look at some of my latest pictures.

I would be honored if you would consider Sonic Ascendancy Props for your next cosplay prop needs! I would love to give you an item worthy of being in a Master Class competition, as well as an item that is made with care, perfection and a love of my work. ^_^

For payment information, please send me a message either through here, through my Facebook (… ), or via email at I take paypal, credit/debit card via Paypal invoice (you do NOT need a paypal account for this) and money orders. Please do not send cash via mail. If it gets lost in the mail, there is no way to retrieve it. Paypal is the preferred method. Again, send a message for detailed payment information. ^_^
Shipping is currently a case-by-case basis, as each weapon/prop will vary in size and weight. Please message me for shipping info.
If you have ANY questions at all about anything, please please PLEASE message me and ask me.

*** TLDR

I am a Master Class cosplayer dedicated to making Master Class Level props for any who needs them. My work takes time, and uses some of the best materials around, and advanced techniques to hand-paint your props. It takes ~4-6 weeks to make and send out a prop, depending on how many I already have in line. Please read the above paragraph for payment information and where to send questions :D Thankyou! ^_^
Today went relatively well. I went to a public trick or treating for kids and handed out candy, and became a crosswalk guard for a short time as well. Dressed in my full Talyn attire, I understandably felt incredibly badass. XD Though, there is much work to be done on Talyn still. The buttons I used didn't work the way they were supposed to. They unsnapped at the slightest movement. I am now considering something different, such as velcro circles to keep the front panel on. The hot glue lines ended up peeling in many areas, and I even lost a small section from one of the front corners. I will need to redo those lines, repaint them, and then I will go back through with needle and red thread and sew the lines down into place until I can fully hand-embroider the entire panel of lines on the back and the sides. That will take a long time to do, but it will be WELL worth it in the end.

It was amazing, though. I had so much fun. I wasn't able to get the pictures I wanted, so sadly no updates on that. However Halloween is fast approaching and I should have the updates to my outfit ready by then. Then finally I can do some proper pictures. And hopefully in more light. XD


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